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The Michael Gillig Nature Area was dedicated May 19, 2007.   Our plan is to plant native grasses and wildflowers in much of the central area by the creek.  Please see the page on the Nature Area.

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Promontory Ridge, as predicted, has become a very nice place to live.  We think Hidden Creek will surpass Promontory Ridge.  The care we have taken to ensure that we have a diversity in styles of homes has been beneficial.  That is what covenants are intended to do, keep values high.  There is a different character but the rolling land coupled with the large open space and creek make it unique.

       The first lift of asphalt is down and the second lift will come later when less construction traffic can be assumed.  A left turn lane will be constructed on White School Road and that may impact ingress/egress during a three week construction but access will always be there.  However, the county has determined that they want that job to be in conjunction with a left turn lane at McCurry Road and engineering and that has delayed that part of the project.  We have no real knowledge of that timing as we will have to await the County.    We assume it will be  2007. Utilities are available to each lot when you need them but contact the utility companies well in advance.  Please note locations where utilities will go may be different than in Promontory to preserve certain sections of lots.  See plat or ask. 

See the following pages:

1.       A plat of the property.  A new or amended plat was recorded 8/28/06.  The ONLY change to it is that it reflects all changes to date (which were also noted on the one that I posted earlier) and a new change that the FRONT easement for utilties on some lots is now 10 feet instead of 12 feet.  B&H has the new amended plan on file.   They are a copy shop for larger print items.  The full size set of prints will include a large copy of the amended plat.   To the recorded plat there have been text corrections added and we have included those on the one that will be posted so you will have the up to date material in one place.  All lot owners/builders should have a set of those plans.  The posted items will include the Text version of the drainage plan that refers to each lot and what a lot owner is expected to do on that lot as well as the site plan showing drainage and septic and well locations.  A copy of the text version is attached on this website. 

2.       A price list.  This will be sent to interested parties via an email.)  Contact via phone or via email.  My preference is to know to whom I am sending things.

3.       The Covenants as recorded are posted.  There are often additions or corrections made so view the update page of this site from time to time.

4.       Architectural Guidelines.    The homeowners of Promontory Ridge have been helpful and grateful regarding the architectural guidelines.  They feel it keeps property values up.  Instead of writing those into the Covenants, they are separate and more subject to change.  If a well designed property comes to us that may not meet the exact terms of the guidelines, there is flexibility to accept it if in our sole opinion it merits being in the subdivision.  While architects and designers chafe at rules, current homeowners at Promontory Ridge have been happy that we keep up the standards.  One builder expressed that one of his concerns in buying an early lot was that we would relax those standards and the last lots would become undesirable.  Has not happened!  Homeowners mostly, and need I say Builders; do not read the Covenants so hopefully this will help by having something separate in hand.

5.       Fines.  We hope never to need or use these!  The Covenants give the Association and sometimes the Declarant (us) the right to fine people.  THERE IS NO DESIRE TO FINE ANYONE AT ANYTIME.  We have those same rights in Promontory Ridge and have not fined anyone.  Whining, cajoling, screaming, and threats against their body seem to work for most lot owners or builders.  There have been exceptions to that rule where a large sledge hammer works better and for that reason the fine structures in the Covenants is clearer and by publishing a set of fines you know what are considered issues that need to be addressed.  End result, no fines, we hope.  if you are wondering why this is even needed, some lot owners or builders from either ignorance or they just don't care infringe on the good will of the developer and neighbors.  We have had instances where volumes of silt from a neighboring lot, 6 inches, covered the street because a builder was careless with his silt fencing.  We have had builders start building without a plan on file and/or building with colors never submitted.  Duh!  You would not like to have six inches of mud on the street you travel.  There really should be NO dirt on the roads per various laws.  Some builders work hard to maintain the site and others don't give a hoot. 

6.       Contract for purchase of lots.  Minor changes have been made from previous versions.  

7.    Text of drainage plan.  Of course a drawing goes with it (see comment on B & H) but this goes lot by lot and indicates if something is to be done with a particular lot.

8.   Application for Subdivision Improvements.  We have an updated application for subdivision improvements.    The architectural guidelines and the application will make that much easier, we hope.  We will require that we have a sit down meeting when an application is made.  We want the lot owner and builder to attend.  (If the lot owner is out of the city and unable to make the meeting, we will consider alternatives.)  The reason for this is that it is easier to have the meeting and discussion BEFORE than after something happens.  Most lot owners and builders try to do a good job.    Our hope is that by going over things in a meeting and viewing the plans together, we end up clearing things up and everyone is able to move forward without said whining and cajoling.  Then it also becomes the less you get to see and hear from me during construction.  That is the reward of having the meeting at the start. 

Prices, as the saying goes, may change without notice.  They will change late in 2007.

The School District is Prairie Hill, ascertained after talking to the superintendent.

Can you contract for more than one lot with delayed closings?  Of course.  A “deal” is whatever two people will agree to do.  If you want a bunch of lots, write it up.  Tell me what you want and if reasonable, we will do it.  If it isn’t reasonable enough we might massage it some.  You can use one contract if you wish and attach a list of lots you want and some type of schedule to show closings, either lot by lot or by number of lots to close within a certain period. 

Only approved builders may build in Hidden Creek.  If you are a consumer you can contact us and we can assist you in which builders are acceptable.  See Builders Page.

We also have 6 lots available at Prairie Hill and White School, White School Road Estates.  Manchester Road is being realigned so these lots will have excellent locations.  Ask for or go to www.lreg.net and look at the new plat. It would be ideal for a builder to control and have some nice lots available for the future.  The road is being realigned to make way for these lots.

And finally, our company looks for land.  It is a difficult search.  If you know of land that you want us to buy, please let us know.  In one case we are holding the lots for a builder that brought the land to us.  Of course, if he doesn’t perform we are free to sell to anyone else.  Nice deal for both of us.  Please keep us in mind.



Dennis J. Gillig

Promontory Ridge, LLC

Managing Member

Licensed Real Estate Broker in Illinois.

Hidden Creek is not Phase III of Promontory Ridge but a different subdivision with different Covenants, etc.  They are adjacent or contiguous to each other and share a road, Deer Crossing.  Hidden Creek can be accessed from Promontory Ridge or from White School Road.  A left turn lane for north bound traffic will be installed on White School Road. 


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