The following comments are the Developer's comments:

Each lot has its own unique features.  Personal preference is always a difficult task for some. 

One major item of advice from someone that has watched folks trying to visualize a lot when there is nothing on it. 

You need help or advice.  I can absolutely guarantee you that what you see on a vacant lot in Hidden Creek is not what you will see when a house sits on it.  I don't just mean the house.  The topography will change.  If all lots were just flat city type lots then the lot looks about the same except for the house.

That isn't the case on rolling land or rural settings.  For example:  lot 45 would appear to be very low.  It is and it isn't.  By the time one digs a basement and uses the overdig to add to the lot, it is quite easy to have a walk out basement to the south or to the east.  The house would be situated either direction.

My purpose in writing this is that I have discussed lots with folks and some have a real hard time visualizing what the finished lot will be.  Please get a practiced eye to assist  you.  The final plan will be different than most people can visualize.

Some lots have a unique setback requirement.  The site plan shows all of that.  The topo plan shows  the plan with the elevation lines as they are or were when their was nothing else in this giant field.  Ask me and I can help you interpret the plans. 

The way you orient a property is important.  You do not have to be parallel to the street all the time.  Moving a house to an angle often helps the way the over all property looks. 

lot 1 - it should have an exposure.

lot 6 - it is a grand, grand lot.  The lot has the nature area to its west side.  You should have a pretty area and grand vista there.

lot 7 - it will have an exposure

lot 9 -  is a large lot.  Note comments on Orientation above.  I would consider various orientations and have an exposure on this lot.

lot 10 -  i would consider a very different orientation that would provide a great exposure on this lot.

lot 11 - here again you can easily have an exposure

lot 13 - lot 12 is a flag lot which means it has only a small portion that goes to the street.  Essentially, it is the back yard of the house already there.  It was part of the platting process and annexation.  This lot supports a great rear yard.  There is particular type of home that really works well on this lot. 

Lot 14 - A side exposure works on this lot

lot 15 -  It is sort of L-shaped.  The reason for this is that the east portion contains great soils for septic.  The western portion isn't bad but we set aside that portion for the home.  The lot is in the process of being widened by 20 feet on the west side.  There is a 15 foot side yard setback required by law.  In this case it will be 20' due to the easement.  BUT, that means the house can be built right up against what is NOW the western boundary of the property.  The effect is that the lot has 15' more os space on which a house can be sited.  It may even be possible to move the easement to the west but we have not explored that as yet.  The deed to widen it has been sent for recording.  We have discussed moving the easement entirely from the lot and the district says it should be acceptable.  See plan of lot.  Note size of lot is over 10,000 sq feet larger now.  This is how it is now with the movement of the lot line to the west of the easement.  If the easement is moved entirely or most of the way west then the lot become around a 1/2 acre larger.

Lot 16 - available for an offer  A house can be sited at three different places, each with exposures.

lot 17 - an exposure is certainly evident here.  The road or Right of Way to the west may be "rocked" but isn't intended to be paved until the land to the north can be developed.  Due to new rules, only land with city water/sewer can be developed.  Thus, those utilities till have to come from west of the tollway to that land before development can continue under the current rules.

lot 18 - see notes on Right of Way for lot 17   This lot will certainly have an exposure.

lot 22 - an exposure is in order for this with a great back yard.

lot 23 - similar to lot 22 in comments.

lot 25 - similar to lot 23 in comments

lot 27 - similar to lot 25 in comments

lot 28 - a low lot.  this lot will need some fill.  however, when that is done it will have a rear exposure.  The way this one works is to dig the basement and footings and use that fill for the front yard.  To be sure additional fill would be required.  In fact we have considered bringing in fill but if we do we would certainly not have the right amount or placement for what someone would need for a particular house.  We would rather work with someone on that when a design is established.

lot 30 - depends on how you site it.  north/south/or northeast.  can have exposure.

lot  36 - will be similar to lots 34 and 35

lot 40 - large lot with exposure backing up to creek and nature area!

lot 41 - large lot with exposure backing up to creek and nature area!

lot 44 - large lot with exposure backing up to creek and nature area!  There are several siting opportunities on these lots.

Lot 45 - while low it will certainly have a walk out and can be sited slightly NW for maximum exposure and view to nature area.

Each lot has its own particular benefits.  I strongly suggest you visit the lot with a qualified builder or with me to get opinions on how it will look AFTER the house is on it. 


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