This link is to a copy of the recorded covenants.  This is a copyof the document sent for recording. 

It would be helpful to read the contract as well.  If you are a "down the road" buyer, after the builder and/or investor, or others have owned the property, the covenants are still valid to you as they "run with the land."  Reading the contract that the initial purchaser used to acquire the property will assist you in understanding the intent of the covenants as well as a better understanding of the role of the lot owner and builder.

Legal Stuff:  Due to legal manipulations and the order in which documents had to be recorded, Promontory Ridge LLC does not appear on this document.  In section 11.07 it indicates that there can be an assignment of the Declarant.   Dennis and Linda Gillig will later assign the title of Declarant to Promontory Ridge LLC.  Confusing?  It is, but basically just know that after we jump thru all the hoops, the result is that Promontory Ridge LLC will be the Declarant.   We will then produce a copy showing them as Declarant as if the earlier machinations were never done.  But, for now, this is what it is per the best legal minds.

There can always be minor changes to the Covenants for minor errors or scrivener's errors.  Check this site for changes.  Check the update page.


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