Michael Gillig Nature Area

(UPDATE:  The sanitary district invaded and put in a line to serve other development to the north.  By brute force they used their governmental powers to do this and we had no choice.  As a result much of the nature area was destroyed and now we have to rebuild with new native grasses, etc.  Things will look rough for a couple years until we can get it to grow back with native flowers, etc.)

About 11 acres in the area on both sides of Dry Creek are designated a Nature Area and named after Michael Grady Gillig, the brother of developer.

The area will take 2-4 years to bring it back from crops and brush to a native prairie.  A group called Pheasants Forever as well as the Department of Natural Resources is working with us to bring it back.  Native grasses and wildflowers was sown in 2007.    Bringing back a prairie is a process, not something that happens overnite.  That is why we retained experts to handle this.  While they want it done slowly and in a certain order, we, of course, want it done yesterday.  Such is life.

They assure us that it will look "lousy" for the first 2-4 years but will become beautiful as time goes on. 

The association will maintain the prairie.  There isn't much to maintain, of course.  While some mowing is possible and will be done in the early stages when mowing is used to get rid of certain plants, such as remnants of crops, mowing isn't all that necessary as the native species take hold.  After all, one didn't see the animals of years gone by mowing the grass! 

It may be possible to take a small part and made a playground.  Also, the association may want to put in walk ways of limestone screenings.  There will be a fire break maintained around the perimeter, where needed, to assure that homes nearby will not be affected in the event of a grass fire.  This firebreak is generally12-15' wide. 

Every few years a planned fire takes place.  Pheasants Forever and the local fire department burn the grasses in stages on calm days and this regenerates the prairie as it was done in nature.   The first few of those will especially help the native species take hold.  You would be notified well in advance.  

The nature area, along with some small clumps of brush that will be left in place or created becomes habitat for song birds and small animals as well as the deer that pass thru the area.  Homes backing up to or adjacent to this area should have special worth. 

Please see covenants for questions about use now or in future.

In tribute to Michael Gillig, the nature area bears his name.  Michael was a great brother and was known by his friends as the "professor" since he was very knowledgable about many subjects. 

May 19, 2007 Dedication:

L to R and relationship to Michael Gillig: Dennis Gillig (Developer/brother), Shirley Gillig Swiech (sister), Kevan "Jake" Gillig (grandson), Melissa Gillig Sands (Daughter), Michael Gillig (Grandson), Vicki Gillig (Wife), Adaani Sands (Granddaughter).

In part of her speech, Melissa said of her father,

"Thank you all for coming out on this beautiful day to celebrate the life of the most wonderful man I have ever known. It is hard to believe that 4 1/2 years have gone by since he was here with us. A lot has happened since then that my dad would be very proud of. My oldest son, dad's namesake Michael, has grown from a boy into a nice young man, about to start high school in the fall. Kevan will be in 3rd grade at Medinah Christian school, where the Lord has taken him under his wings to help him grow into a boy we can all be proud of. And a little girl who will never have the memories of such a special "Boppy", but has learned how much he means to us through stories and pictures. This dedication today means so much to me and my boys .  .  .  It is such an honor to have such a beautiful place to come and sit and think about my father and to reminisce on all the great times we had together. Thanks again for coming today, I know dad is looking down on us and smiling."


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