Our Specialty: Professional Real Estate Representation

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Our Philosophy:

We believe that a real estate client is entitled to a high level of competence from his/her broker.  As a professional real estate service, we represent clients in specialized aspects of real estate, including:   consulting, investments, exchanges, group ownership, and buyer's agent.  We devote as much time as necessary conferring with our clients to clearly define objectives.   We limit our clients to those we feel we can help.

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Our Approach:

We believe our approach is unusual in today's marketplace.  We initially request a mutually convenient appointment at our office.   There is no charge for the original interview to determine if we wish to work together.  At this time we listen to you and try to understand your circumstances.   We do not attempt to influence or persuade, but simply try to understand your problem.  Location of the property owned or desired is of secondary importance, but for best results you should be readily available so we may confer when necessary.

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Our Reasoning:

Real Estate transactions are becoming more and more complex.  People need assistance in situations involving real estate ownership or acquisitions as much as they need professional help in solving legal, medical, tax, and engineering problems.  Today's tax structure often penalized cash gain, or even capital gains accumulation.  Property exchanges are often the way to secure benefits of such investments.  Sometimes personal considerations may take precedence over money changing.  Family lifestyles have a direct bearing on real estate ownership.   There are over two hundred possible solutions to real estate problems, only one is cash.  Brokers who are trained to understand these alternatives are in a better position to help their clients.  Innovative ideas combined with one or a combination of these alternatives are utilized to help our clients obtain their objectives. 

We have learned that properties seldom have problems.  People sometimes have problems that can be solved either with real estate or changing the character of their real estate investment.

We feel it is necessary to confer, in depth, with a prospective client before attempting to provide solutions or advice about their situation.

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Our Services:

We act as your personal and confidential counselor in exchanging one type of property for another, buying or selling property, arranging creative financing techniques to generate cash, or converting unwanted equity to productive use.  Our total energies are directed toward improving your position.

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Our Fees:

We provide competent and unbiased counsel based upon thorough analysis of your circumstances and needs.  Fee arrangements are set up for compatibility with your objectives.

Sales and exchanges are usually on a real estate brokerage fee listing basis.

Consulting charges, where no property transfer is involved, are arranged on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

Representing you as a buyer's agent for purchasing property is either on an hourly basis, flat fee, or a brokerage fee basis.

Property analysis, valuation studies, development, and other work is quoted in advance.

We also partner with clients.

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Our Method:

We have proven time after time that our people based, rather than property based, method works.   People are more important than property.  Our marketing methods and acquisition methods reflect that fact and reflect our creativity.  Our contacts and affiliations network us nationwide and internationally if needed.  A high level of knowledge in real estate and related fields is necessary to properly assist our clients.  

Continuing education, professional reports, and periodicals keep us current with the changing economic and investment climate.



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