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Preview of the Investment

White School Road Estates, a small 6 lot, about 12 acre, subdivision. Zoned for Single-Family homes.

The desire of the owner, a licensed Broker, would be to sell the entire package. Selling individual lots would be acceptable as well. Anyone wanting to own some land and retail it out to home buyers would benefit. This would be a great site for a small builder to have and build out.


Location of the Property and Area:

Unincorporated South Beloit, IL, east of the I-90 (I-39) and where Prairie Hill Road, Manchester Road, and White School Road join. Manchester Road is being aligned so the very dangerous intersection will be much safer. The plat shows the old and new locations of the road.

Site Description

6 lots, from 1.45 (about) to 2. 5 acres (about). The soils have been tested and shown to be acceptable for septic and well systems.

There are currently no covenants or restrictions on building in the subdivision.   It is not in an incorporated area but would have South Beloit, IL addresses.  Addresses have not yet been assigned.  It should be in the Prairie Hill School District.


aerial view of site.  This is before the realignment of the road.  The property goes from Prairie Hill and White School NW.  Manchester is realigned now and meets White School Road north of the intersection.  See plat.

General Map of the area.. 




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