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8/11/09 Added plat showing sewer easements and made various other changes to reflect the easements on various pages.

07/29/09 Updated Distinctive Builders page

11/24/08 Added Distincive Builders new brochure.

8/12/08  Changed to show new lot 15 size and referenced that lot 16 can now be three lots if wished.

1/30/08    added Allied Builders web link to their broker

1/28/08 Added Distinctive Builders to HC

8/6/07 Added Allied Builders house to HC

7/25/07 Added MD and builders page and re-arranged other pages to take load off front page of HC

7/18/07  Changes to Lot 15 at HC are noted in two documents.  See other comments as well.

7/17/07 Added lot 28 as sold.

7/5/07  Added comments on Covenants page suggesting buyers read the contract and uploaded a new version of the contract.  Nothing significant changed, housekeeping and formatting.

7/2/07 Added mail box postal requirements to architectural standards page.

6/27/07  Lots 23 and 25 were added to sold list.

6/11/2007 Several minor edits of no consequence.

5/21/2007 Added details about dedication of Michael Gillig Nature Area.  Also added a septic/well plan for Hidden Creek. 

5/7/2007  Added a new page on the Nature Area

4/30/2007 added many items on Comments page.

4/25/2007  Changed the Application for Subdivsion review.  Created boxes for applicant to check so they can be sure they include everything.  Changes to First Page, also.  Erased outdated lines and added an easy link to lots available.  Also did some minor rearranging of the site plan page.

4/18/2007  Changed status of some lots and inidicated another sale.  See lots available for details.

4/13/2007 Further price adjustments, some down and some up. 

4/9/2007 Announcing the Dedication of the Michael Gillig Nature Area.  An 11 (about) acre site of land in the subdivision being restored to natural prairie.  the dedication will be May 19, 2007 at 11 am.  All are invited.

4/4/2007 TWO items:  First, 5 lots were added to lots not available.  While not signed, the contract is in transit and should be executed shortly.  SECOND, we have contracted with Lawnscapes to significantly dress up the entryway of the subdivision.  We have also contracted with Pheasants Forever to assist us in creating the Nature Area.  Work will commence when the fields are not muddy and when temperatures are correct for native grasses and flowers.  Further work will be done in the fall when some brushy areas will be cleaned out and song bird habitats will be created. 

3/30/2007 Price changes, again.  Some going up and some actually going down.  Effective date will be 4/15/07.

1/31/2007  Prices changes.  Some went up and some went down.  Please ask for new price list if you have any prior to 1/31/2007. 

1/22/07  DNR deer harvesting on /hc.htm page.

1/18/07 Showed two more lots sold and added information from village on fees.

12/18/06  Indicated on site plan page about nature center.

12/08/06  indicated lot 4 is sold.

11/30/06  notice of potential price change.

11/29/06 updated and corrected wording on site plan page.  minor.

11/06/06 Changed the contract used to acquire lots to the simplified version without all the crossing out.  Also, incorporated what was Rider A into the basic contract.

11/3/06 updated with four lots taken

10/23/06 Minor changes to first page  -  hc.htm - for Hidden Creek.

10/20/06  changes to architectural page for culverts and roofs and exceptions and minimum elevations.

10/13/06  Comments on Lots page added under site plan.  Just general advice to people selecting a lot.

Also, added comments on what will be happening to the central area by the creek.  Many acres of native grasses and wildflowers will be planted next spring.

10/11/06 TWO changes made and both are on the application.  One relates to concrete driveways, see end of application.  The other relates to moving beyond your level of approval in the application for subdivision improvements.  Don't.

9/29/06 Changed available list to show lot 19 as sold.  Also changed the fines adding a non-completion fine, however, it is anticipated that weather and circumstances will usually grant an extension when asked.  The goal is to get the job done and the area cleaned up timely.

9/15/06 Minor change in pricing.  Lot 28 went down and lot 30 went up.  Look for a new document in about 14 days with comments on each lot.  There is already a document showing text drainage on each lot. 

9/07/06 Added a page from the Annexation agreement to clarify impact fees.  See hc.htm page for comments and follow link or go under legal section.

8/31/06 NEW or revised Application for Improvements form.  Easier to read, etc., and calls for answers to the questions always posed during the application process.

8/31/06  Note on fines page and note on main page about need for fines.  Fine page moved to under legal page.

8/31/06  Note on Architectural standards that final grading should be a part of the builder's contract OR some other means of guaranteeing that final grading will be done timely and correctly.  A bond may be required if not other guarantee is available.  Also a note about surveyors. 

8/31/06 Changed First HC page.  hc.htm  to reflect changes in left turn lane timing, utility timing, and other comments.  The PLAT page was slightly modified to show the LEGAL PLAT, or the one recorded 8/28/06.  Also shows date of first association assessment.  Also, note comment on accepted builders.

7/28/06 Added two lots as sold.

7/21/06 modified wording on main page regarding builder qualification.  insignificant change.

7/21/06 Correction of Declarant on revised version of the Covenants.

7/21/06 Changed theme of hc.htm and related pages so users can tell if in regular site or the special Hidden Creek site.

7/21/06 Posted a copy of Covenants that are to be recorded 7/21/06 with an explanation of who is Declarant.  Changed first page to reflect Covenants being recorded.

7/18/06 update on Covenants page.  (99% completed, looking for spelling errors, etc.)

7/17/06 update lots available page

7/13/06 update lots available page

7/7/06  Added a page to show lots available.

7/6/06  Changed architectural guidelines related to Nova Brick


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